How long does it take to implement a solar solution on my home?

The actual time onsite is only a couple days but you should allow between 3-5 months for the whole process. The initial approvals from the utility and your local municipality typically take the first 3 months but don’t worry, the time passes quickly with anticipation of your energy cost savings culminating as you turn on your system for the first time and see the savings start rolling in!

Can I go off the grid?

Yes! With today’s technology anyone can go off the grid if they so desire. Call us for a free initial consultation to see how you can transition to running your home or cottage completely on renewable energy.

I am building a new house and want to implement solar and/or batteries during the build, what are my next steps?

EthoEnergy Solutions has a sister company, Obec Homes, that specializes in building custom homes that have the latest energy saving and offsetting upgrades. Whether you are still looking for an experienced team to manage your whole project or just the the solar and/or battery element we can help. We just need your home drawings, site plan, and a energy equipment profile (we can help with these as well!). The energy equipment profile includes, major mechanical systems, appliances, lighting, and entertainment systems. This allows us to project future energy usage so we can design the right solution for you and your home!